Education for Professional Advisors

At Cain & Cain, there are two steps (in no particular order) to begin establishing a Planning Partner relationship for the benefit of you, your practice, and your clients:

1. Schedule a Planning Partner Session.

This meeting is all about you and your practice.  You will learn five specific ways the Cain & Cain, Estate Planners for Life™ process can support your financial practice. Simply provide your contact information below and someone from our office will call you to schedule a date and time for a Planning Partner Session with an attorney.

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If you prefer, you may call our office directly at 405-364-2246 and speak to our Client Services Coordinator to schedule your Planning Partner Session.  


2. Attend a Partners in Planning Lunch & Learn:

Enjoy a free lunch and learn about our Three Step Strategy™ of estate planning and how it can strengthen and solidify your existing client relationships. You will learn how to move clients beyond mere estate planning.  Our Wealth Reception Planning™ presents a fresh and transformational perspective on planning for the client, the beneficiary, and the advisor. This type of opportunity (What's in it for Me) allows collaboration with focus on wealth reception directly benefits both the client and advisors alike.

The Cain & Cain philosophy is to create estate plans that really work.  You can teach your clients: 

  •  How to select and work with an estate planning attorney.
  • How to keep your planning current as tax laws change, family circumstances change, and assets change.
  • How to protect your loved one’s inheritance from creditors and predators—including risk of divorce and lawsuits.
  • How to transfer your values along with your valuables 

Upcoming Events for Professional Advisors:

Over the years we have enjoyed getting to know many of the bankers in our extended community and learning about their experiences with their clients.  As we have learned, many of the bankers we know are excellent at building long term relationships with their clients.  We like to support and strengthen long term client and advisor relationships.  When a long term trusting relationship has been developed we believe that it is beneficial to both clients and advisors alike to look for opportunities to extend the relationships by involving beneficiaries and Trustees.  Learn more about how we can collaborate with  you by setting up a meeting or attending one of our Lunch & Learn events.

For a revocable living trust centered estate plan to achieve the client’s goal, all assets a client owns must be properly titled in the name of their trust of name their trust as beneficiary. We can provide financial advisors a comprehensive overview of which assets should be titled in the name of the trust and which assets should name the trust as a primary beneficiary and why. We like to collaborate with our clients' existing financial advisors to examine the client circumstances and counseling issues that may affect how the trust is funded, as well as allocation of assets between separate trusts for married clients. We will discuss the documentation necessary to confirm accurate and complete trust funding. Finally, we will explore how the clients' financial advisor can assist clients with funding their trust, and how the funding process may be used to increase assets under management. 

We have found that most of our clients share a common trait, which is that they diligently and proactively plan for their futures and for the futures of their family and loved one.  It is not surprising that an overwhelming majority of our clients from every background and age group own one or more life insurance policies.  We take great care in properly funding these policies into our clients trusts, which is why we appreciate the Life Insurance Agents we have had the honor of working with and collaborating with to ensure that we are achieving our mutual clients' goals.  Please contact us to set up a meeting so that we can learn more about the service you provide your clients, and learn more about our estate planning strategies by attending one of our Lunch & Learn events.  

More information soon, please check back.

More information soon, please check back.

What is a Planning Partner?

We believe that the best client focused planning happens when all of a client's trusted advisors come together in an environment of shared goals and ideas. We like to use the term "Planning Partner" to describe other financial service professionals our clients work with.

We believe that the client is best served when his or her advisors work together as partners in planning.

What if my clients have out of date trusts and wills that need reviewed?

Cain & Cain will provide an Estate Planning Review for prospective clients. We will review their Last Will and Testament, Trust, and any other planning documents for legal technical issues. We will also sit down with the prospective client and talk about their goals so that we can help them to determine whether their present documents meet their objectives and fit their current circumstances.

When bankers, financial advisors and accountants refer their clients to us for an Estate Planning Review, we provide this service (a value of $500) at no charge as a courtesy to our professional Planning Partners.

How do I learn more about the Cain & Cain estate planning process?

We encourage all types of professional advisors to learn about our estate planning process in two ways: 1. attend an educational program such as a Lunch & Learn at our office Click here to sign up for our next event; 2.Set up a planning Partner Session with one of our attorneys and learn five specific ways the Cain & Cain, Estate Planners for Life™ process can support your financial practice. Simply call our office at 405-364-2246 or fill out the form at the top of this page to schedule this meeting.

How is the Estate Planners for Life™ Process different than traditional estate planning?

It’s Not About Documents – It’s About Results! The key to proper estate planning is clear, comprehensive, customized instructions for your own care and that of your loved ones. These instructions can be included in a will, a trust, and in several other related documents. We find that most of our clients are best served with a combination of these tools, backed up by the Three Step Strategy™. Learn more here.